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ALL ABOUT NANNIESis proud to bring our nannies and their profiles to you. We have a wonderfully diverse group of women with amazing backgrounds and talents.Many of the nannies you will read about and interview have placed through this agency before. They must all go through the interviewing and hiring process and work directly with the agency owner.

The following nannies are just a small sampling of what ALL ABOUT NANNIES has available for you to hire as nannies, household managers, newborn care specialists and sitters. If you are interested in hiring any of the following nannies, please call to inquire about their availability.

Sandi M.– Nanny
3 Years Experience
$15 per hour
CentralArizona College– AA Early Childhood

I have been a nanny for over 14 years. I have worked for several families over the years as a live-in nanny and live-out nanny. I would like a live out position. The minimum time as a nanny has been one year and longest was ten years. I have an AA in Early Childhood Development and all course work towards teaching degree minus my student teaching hours. I have recently decided to quit my job and go back to something I really enjoy and am passionate doing. I feel good to help parents with their most treasured gifts which are their children. I enjoy being with children and the more the better so a new baby in the future is great for me. I am currently taking an on-line Spanish class and have ordered a brainnetics for math skills for children. I believe everyday a child can learn just as easily as they play. I love playing at the park, hiking the desert trails and swimming. My favorite places to go are the zoo, library and Science museum. I am looking for a place where I can be respected for what I do and be happy doing it.

Yolanda D. – Career Nanny
5 Years Experience
$13 to $15 per hour
MesaCommunity College, AA in Child Development

I think a good nanny is a loving, caring person. Outgoing and patient, and very active. A person who love's to do out door/art activities. I am all of these things and more. I am dedicated and committed to my families. I have chosen this as my career. I would love to find a permanent family to work with for the long term.

Kimberlee M. – Career Nanny
8 Years Experience
$15 per hour
Experienced with Multiples - Twins

I believe the one thing that a care giver needs above all else is organization and patience. Children need to have a sense of stability, but also need to be allowed to have a bit of freedom in their own actions as well. A successful caregiver needs to be able to give individual attention to each child, and then also as a group, making each child feels special. Naturally, every family is different and every child reacts differently- so I believe friendship is key. Gaining the trust and respect of the child is most important... If a child doesn't respect you, they rarely listen to you. I don't believe in anger, violence, or threats to force children into behaving, most children simply desire to feel like that you respect them. Individual, one on one attention that makes them feel that you understand them. To me, that's the trick in a multiple child household.

Kaleea L. – Nanny - Teacher
1 Year Experience
$12 - $13 per hour
NAU Bachelors in Education

I have a passion for children. I have been working with children since I was 16 and I do not see myself anywhere else. My creativity always enhances any activities and crafts that I come up with. I am looking for a family to give 3 years commitment to and then I will return to teaching with my Master’s in Education.

Summer V. – Nanny
5.5 Years Experience
$14 - $15 per hour
Northwest Nannies Institute
Experienced with Multiples – Twins and Triplets

I have always known that any career that I chose would involve children. Being a Nanny allows me to not only be surrounded by children but to use my skills and experience to help develop into happy and healthy kids.

My family and friends have always called me the baby whisperer and I think that is because children respond instinctively tomy nurturing and positive energy. I have found over the years that using my upbeat and outgoing personality makes it possible to get children to complete tasks that they may not want to do or would resist if it is presented to them in a more stern fashion.

And while being fun and a cheerleader for my kids is a big part of my job it is equally important that Ibe calm, reassuring and loving when a child needs me to be. My ability to provide the security and feeling of safety for children is perhaps one of my greatest strengths.

I have an ability to establish emotional connections with people very quickly which has allowed me to not only to determine the emotional needs of the children I care for but also helps me be in tune with the needs of the family and offer assistance or suggestions when appropriate. To me this is what being a Nanny is all about.

Michelle W. – Career Nanny
8 Years Experience
$14 to $15 per hour
Trade School – Nursing Assistant
Experienced with Multiples - Twins


I feel I make a good Nanny because I truly enjoy it! It’s not a stepping stone to another field. For me being a nanny is about imagination, teaching, and the potty training (and things as such). They are apart of who I am. I have tried other professions and I go back to what makes me happy and that's being a Nanny. Being a Nanny isn't just for the children, it’s also for the parents and I enjoy being apart of that team!

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